Saturday, July 3, 2010


So basically I've been missing from YouTube since the end of May. Let me just recap over what has been going on in my life...
On June 1st my boyfriend and I had to move out of our apartment in Berkeley (I wasn't going to ever say what city I lived in but with all the Cal stuff you've seen in my videos, I'm sure everyone knows). We are living with his parents for summer and are looking for a new apartment for next year. Anyways, since we were back in our hometown I was finally back to working 5 days a week again. But as of Tuesday June 29th I am no longer working for Trader Joe's (which I am actually glad to say). That ended my 2 year, 7 month relationship with the company. I am now looking for another job, preferrably somewhere that I can wear heels and work with clothes or makeup. Yeah, that would be nice :)
So tomorrow is Kevin and my one year anniversary. Well technically it's today because it's after midnight but yeah, you get it. July 4. We have no idea what we're doing to celebrate. His gift to me was a 1 karat diamond bracelet which I absolutely love and it's beautiful. I think it's considered a tennis bracelet but I'm not sure because it isn't the style of a classic tennis bracelet. It looks like each section is made up of little hearts. But I love it and haven't taken it off.
Ever since I can remember all I've wanted is a puppy. For the past few years I've loved Yorkies and Pomeranians. After looking at hundreds of pictures of each dog and researching and stuff I decided about 7 months ago that I wanted a Pomeranian and wouldn't stop til I got one. Well over the last month or so I've been looking at local puppy ads and calling and emailing people like crazy. I finally found a man in my area that had a litter of Pomeranians. My boyfriend and I went to look at them a few weeks ago and I found a few that I loved but the man was asking more than we could afford. But this weekend he lowered the price of the girl that I love to $375 so today I went and put a $100 deposit on her to assure that she's mine. We found a pet friendly apartment (that I'm also in love with) and so in a few weeks when we move back we will pay the $275 and bring her home with us. This is her:

She is absolutely beautiful. She's a little bit bigger than the rest of the puppies but she is so calm and she loves to cuddle and I just can't wait to bring her home.

Anyways I will be back to making videos soon enough and I really miss it. But being at the boyfriends parents house, I don't have a place to film and it's just too hard. But I promise I'll be back soon and I'll be sure to post pictures of the apartment and the puppy when we get them! Miss you all!

xo, Jesika