Thursday, May 6, 2010

Swatches From My Huge Collective Haul Video

These first swatches are going to be from my purchase from These Urban Decay loose pigments were only $5 each!!! What a steal :)
So starting left to right we have...
- Rockstar
- Shattered
- Smog
- Shag

And here are the beautiful swatches!
Left to right: Rockstar, Shattered, Smog, Shag

The next swatches are going to be from six different L'Oreal H.I.P. duos. Starting in the top left corner, the colors are:
- Flashy
- Sculpted
- Showy
- Brazen
- Charming
- Perky

This first photo is of the colors (left to right) Brazen, Flashy, and Perky.

This next photo is of the colors (left to right) Charming, Showy, and Sculpted.

All of these pictures were taken in natural sunlight and all of the colors are so pretty. I'm kind of bummed because in the H.I.P. duo "Flashy" the white color isn't very pigmented at all and that was pretty disappointing. I was really looking forward for that to be a nice highlight color. Oh well, you can't always win! Either way I found some great deals :)
Click here if you'd like to see the haul video in all of it's makeup glory:

xo, Jesika